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- Improve your knowledge of the language.
- Meet partners all around the world using the SEARCH.
- Learn the basics of french language in an interactive way by visiting our LESSON.
- Express yourself, share your culture in the CAFE.
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Boynuz_deli (21 Years old) İstanbul   Turkey
Native : Turkish

Help me :) I m just here to make several friends

Newest Members
Weber (21 Years old)
Taipei  Taiwan
Speak fluently: Chinese, Mandarin    
Want to practice: English    

Ko (21 Years old)
bangkok  Thailand
Speak fluently: Thai    
Want to practice: English    

Annana (19 Years old)
Tbilisi  Georgia
Speak fluently: Georgian    
Want to practice: English   Russian   German

Andrez (25 Years old)
Medellín  United States
Speak fluently: Spanish   English  
Want to practice: English   Portuguese  

Chicken (18 Years old)
Villajoyosa  Spain
Speak fluently: Spanish    
Want to practice: Japanese    

NamPhuong (23 Years old)
Ho Chi Minh  Vietnam
Speak fluently: Vietnamese    
Want to practice: English    

Sky85 (31 Years old)
Copenhagen  Denmark
Speak fluently: Vietnamese    
Want to practice: English   Danish  

Aziza (20 Years old)
Paris  France
Speak fluently: French   Arabic   English
Want to practice: Korean    

Mehedi (24 Years old)
Dhaka  Bangladesh
Speak fluently: Bengali    
Want to practice: English    

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